Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with a bang!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year apart from the bah hum"bug" that finally hit the last member in my family yesterday. Here is our family Christmas photo this year!
That is right folks...God decided to end our year with a big bang with a Christmas miracle! You wouldn't be surprised if you see the time of this post (4:22 am) and could see me stuffing my face at the moment! Sleep is just not a number 1 thing on my list for some reason after about 4 a.m. now. If all of the handy dandy internet calculators are correct, I am about 8 weeks along and will be due in August. I go to the doctor on the 15th to get the final word on that, so please please please pray that everything is going good so far and that the baby is healthy. It is hard to wait that long to see the first picture and confirm that there really is somebody inside of my stomach that will be in charge of my life for the next 20 years!!

The other great Christmas blessing is that my sister is pregnant as well! She is about 4 weeks ahead of me so Lord willing, we will be pregnant and waddle together! We both told our family on Christmas Eve. Here is a pic of us with my brother's daughter and sister's son and the shirts that we made to tell our family. For some reason Finn wasn't wanting to smile during these pictures when he was cheesing all night.

Well, I'm going to try to lay here and catch a few more zzz's. I hope you all have a great and safe New Years! Until next time...

PS....sorry....I've had some questions about the t-shirt sayings....Finn's says, "God answers prayers....ask me for details" Isabel's says, "I believe.... in prayer (ask why!)" And they got to be the ones that shared the good news!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bah Hum"bug"!

Well Christmas was going great until 4:00 AM yesterday.  I woke up to hear my poor husband in the other bathroom hovering over the toilet.  I went to check on him, but he didn't want me to come in so I wouldn't get it.  Well....that didn't last long.  At 8, it was my turn.  So we spent all day yesterday on and hovering the toilet.  Merry Christmas!  My wonderful brother came by to drop some crackers, soup, and Sprite off at my front porch when he found out we were sick.  He called me later to let me know his daughter just started as well.  I also got a phone call from my mom saying my dad starting getting sick this morning.  Oh boy!!!  So this is a warning to all out there....the bah hum"BUG" is out and alive this Christmas holiday.  Beware!  Well, I'm off to keep myself hydrated.  I am feeling somewhat better right now (knock on wood!)  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!  I will post at a later time w/Christmas stories and pictures!  Until next time...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Awkward/Embarrassing story...why me?

I have no idea why embarrassing things always happen to me at the wrong time, but here we go again...
Yesterday Luke and I made a quick trip down to Dallas and back for a wedding reception for Stephen Robertson.  On the way down, I was not feeling good, so we had to stop at 7-11 so I could use the bathroom.  The only bathroom they had was a unisex one with a urinal and then a wall with a door beside it for the toilet.  I went in, locked the door, but the door into the stall would not lock.  After a few minutes someone rattled the door a few times and I heard the click of the lock come undone.  I froze, made lots of noise, and it was silent for a few minutes.  I thought I was good until I heard the door open, so I hopped up real quick to flush, and then I saw feet underneath the wall and started to hear peeing noise.  GREAT!!!  Some man is right outside the door using the bathroom.  Now I am stuck behind a wall, b/c I DEFINITELY can not go out there until he leaves.  He finally leaves the bathroom so I rush out to wash my hands, and as I am, the door opens again, and you will never guess who it was.  It was the man's wife and kids.  They open the door, stop in shock when they see me, turn and look back out the door at their husband/dad.  I'm staring down the entire time trying my hardest to make myself invisible and leave quickly.  As I'm walking out the door, the wife reopens the door, looks at the sign on the door, and is yelling something at her husband in a different language.  Oh if I knew how to speak in tongues then and to know what was being said!!  So folks....moral of story....do NOT use a 7-11 bathroom if it is not an emergency (yet mine was) and NEVER trust the locks on their doors, b/c you will never know who might stop in to join you!

Not a whole lot has happened since I last posted....the only thing that has happened, is that my hair color has changed!  I'm now half blonde!   Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and an awesome Christmas this week.  Until next time... 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tagged - I know 2nd post in 1 Day!

8 TV Shows I Watch
1. Biggest Loser
2. Dirty Jobs
3. Storm Chasers
4. Iron Chef America
5. Big Bang Theory
6. Football
7. 24 (can't wait for this next season!)
8. Can't think of any other ones I watch

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Freddy's
2. Q'doba
3. PF Changs
4. McClaren's Pantry
5. Chili's
6. Sonic (only for their drinks on rare days I actually drink pop!)
7. Goldie's
8. Teds

8 Things that Happened Today
1. Went to early service for church
2. Ate yummy chili for lunch
3. Finished the baby book I made for Katie Cassady's shower
4. Went to baby shower for baby Emma and laughed a ton!
5. FINALLY updated my blog
6. Went to prayer meeting for Vienna Team
7. Went to church in evening
8. Making my mom a christmas present

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. My office x-mas party this Friday night!
2. Finishing x-mas presents
3. Spending x-mas with my family
4. Seeing OU play in the national championship game!! Boomer Sooner!
5. Starting a family
6. Spending eternity in heaven with my family
7. Growing closer to my husband
8. Growing closer to my friends

6 Things I Wish For (praying)
1. Patience and understanding during this tough time
2. God will protect our country during these coming years
3. I will spend eternity with my family
4. Healthy pregnancies for all those who are expecting
5. Continue to have a strong marriage
6. Being content

8 People I Tag...
I think I'm one of the last to do this, so if you haven't been tagged yet,
then, Tag...You're It!!!

November Update!

To start off, I'm going to hopefully cheer anyone up who might be having a bad day or just give you an extra smile! Here is my 2 year old nephew's version of "Had a Bad Day!" He's spends a lot of time with his daddy playing Rock Band and Sing Star (PS game with pop songs to sing)

His other favorite song is "Chasing Cars" which he does know the words but the video I took you couldn't hear him very well.

November was a great month! Some key highlights were....I surprised Luke with tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra....AWESOME!!!! If they come back I highly recommend everyone go and see them. You definitly get your moneys worth!

For Thanksgiving, my boss and his wife went to Vienna to see thier daughter, so I got to have the full week off!!! I started with a trip down to Arlington, TX to see my best friend from college and her 5 mth old little girl that I haven't seen yet. Then on Thanksgiving, Luke's brother from Wyoming flew in and spent 4 days with us! We had sooooo... much fun and miss him so much now! We took him to see the James Bond movie and the movie Australia. Again, I highly recommend seeing Australia. It's long, but very good!

The last exciting thing is that we finally got a X-mas tree!! We went from our little 3 foot fiberoptic tree to a nice 9 footer!!! Here is a picture of it in all its glory! Notice that we had to bend the top of it down so it wouldn't hit our ceiling!!!

We finally got all of our X-mas shopping done this weekend!! I just have to finish making the gifts I need to and then it will be all done!!! I hope you all have a great week and a Merry Christmas if I don't update again til then!!! Blessings to all! Until next time...