Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

I went to my specialist today and Autumn looks great! She is healthy, measuring great, weighing in at about 5 lb. 12 oz. The doctor said it will be about 3 more weeks, but my OB will give me a date when I go to see her next week. Here are a few sneak peeks of Autumn from today...I think she looks like me when I was a baby from what we could see!

The nursery is now officially done! We got the last things hung up, so all we need now is our baby girl! I will post final pics of the nursery soon after I take pics!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Amazing weekend!

This weekend was a lot of fun! Started off with a good report on my nonstress test and then we got to play our new favorite game, Settlers of Catan, with friends Friday and Saturday night. Then on Sunday, we were blessed by having a baby shower for Autumn. It was a great turnout and we got lots of great things from friends and family! God is so good by blessing us with great Christian people that surround us and love us! Here are a few pics from the shower...

Me, my mom, my sis
My wonderful hostesses!
Amazing wall hanging made by Autumn's Auntie Em!

It is all feeling too real now that we have everything ready to go now, just waiting for our little girl to get here!! Speaking of....I am meeting with the specialist tomorrow and hopefully he will let us know if and when I need to be induced or what the next step is! Well, that is all for now, hope you all have a great week! Until next time...

Monday, July 13, 2009

New nephew

Last Monday, my sister had a baby boy! Leif (pronounced Lafe) Coleman Garner was born as healthy as could be!!! Check out the thick hair!
He looks identical to my nephew Finn when he was born...a little freaky! Holding him made me more anxious and excited for Autumn to come! I'm so glad that our babies will be so close together!
Everything is still going good, the only new thing is that I now have to do non-stress tests twice a week up at Mercy hospital until Autumn comes. So that means in the month of July, I will be at the hospital 3 out of the 4 nights (for tests and birthing class)! So if you need me, you know the first place to look! It looks like I have a new home away from home! Maybe they'll let me decorate my own room!!!
Don't really know much more, just wanted to give a quick update! Have a great week! Until next time...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

God is good!

I went to see the specialist and came back with a great report! Autumn is measuring right, she is 3 lb 13 oz. They said she is on the smaller side of normal which is good! Not growing too fast! My parents and Luke got to be there in the room with the ultrasound so it was nice to share that experience with them. And to my surprise they did a 4D on her so we could see what she looks like! So, here is a sneak peek of our girl...

They also confirmed that she is still a girl and the Dr. ended on a 4D shot of that area which for my daughter's protection and humiliation later on in life, I will not post it! So, all is well and I will go back on the 28th for another ultrasound to see how she is measuring!