Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I FINALLY see the light...

Wow...I don't even know how to start this post. It has been the longest, most blessed and stressed week of my life. This post could be a novel but I will just give the highlights of what has been going on since the day Autumn was born. So...here we go!
8/22 - 12:30 a.m. - my water broke while sleeping; 11:46 p.m. - Autumn arrived after 24 hour labor!
8/24 - I noticed my back had been itchy where the bandaid was from my epidural, didn't think anythinig of it until I looked at my back right before we left the hospital and found a small light rash (looked like a heat rash). Nurse said use Cortisone cream 3 times a day
8/25 - Looked at my back due to itchyness and saw that the rash had grown from the middle of my back all the way down to the middle of my bottom (bright red, raised, looked like I got a bad burn). Called dr. who wasn't in office, scheduled to see next day
8/26 - saw dr. who had no clue what it was, either allergic reaction or infection...put on 2 antibiotics
8/27 - went back to dr. rash had not spread, medicine looked like it was working. Dr. said if it spreads I need to go to ER
8/29 - woke up with new spots on my side and back was spreading, went to ER, left Autumn with parents...at the ER, they had 4 different doctors working on my case b/c I had them all stumped about what it could be. Again, allergic reaction or infection? Decided it was an allergic reaction so gave me Prednisone shot and took me off of 1 antibiotic
8/30 - woke up to break out all over my body and rash still spreading, went back to ER...did more tests and blood work and it showed no sign of me fighting an infection so they doubled my steroid shot of Prednisone and gave me strong dosage of Prednisone to take to attack it hard for the next week.

FINALLY, the last two days, the rash has stopped spreading and the redness is getting MUCH lighter!!! The light at the end of the tunnel is coming closer! Thankfully Autumn is the healthiest and most laid back baby, so she has made this situation such a blessing! Unfortunately right now I have to pump and dump because of the medication I am on, so please pray that when this is all over the transitioning back to nursing her will be easy. I want to thank everyone for their calls and prayers during this last week, because Luke and I have definitely felt God beside us. We are staying in Yukon right now with my parents because Luke had to go back to work this week so my parents can help me out when I need them.
Love you all and hope to see you soon!!!! Until next time...