Monday, June 30, 2008

May/June Update! I know, I know...sorry!

Good honk! "Amy, you are a horrible blogger!" There, I said it for you!!! If you want to discuss this issue more, you can leave me a comment!! For some reason it is hard for me to sit down and focus to update. So...I guess monthly updates are what I'm best at right now! So for the month of May....

Luke and I had our 4th year Anniversary!

My parents also had their 35th Anniversary so we took them to the Melting Pot for a surprise celebration!!

In June, I got to be a counselor at the camp that I grew up at. I have been gone for 3 years, so it was good to be back! I had the high school girls in my cabin and had the awesome experience of studying with 2 of them who became Christians!! It was a great spiritual refresher as well for me! Here is a pic of my girls!!! wasn't that a short 2 month update! As you can see, we live a pretty boring life around here right now! Work is insanely busy for me right now since this is our second week to be paperless. Talk about stress! Whose idea was it to go green again?!
Well, that is all for now... I will be on the edge of my seat to see if anything exciting happens worth blogging about this month and if not...well probably see you next month!! (or I may just surprise you!!) Until next time...