Monday, August 27, 2007

Tea for Three!

This weekend was nice and relaxing. My boss has been out of town, so I got to have all day Friday off!!! It was girls day!! My two close friends from back home Grace and Angie hit the town!! We first went for lunch at Inspirations Tea Room. I was a little curious about this whole tea room to begin with, little too "fru fru" (sp?) for me, but when we got there, we were greeted by a lady whose hair literally stood a foot above her head. Now I know those of you who have been there know EXACTLY who I am talking about. Anyways...when they brought our food out to us I was amazed by the enormous size of sandwiches they had (picture on right...yes, that thing beside the canteloupe!) I for sure didn't think that Angie would finish her sandwich due to the size. But she pulled through!! Needless to say, it was an experience I won't forget!! We did have a good time, and afterwards, we went "shopping". I put that in quotes because everywhere we went, they would find something, carry it around the whole time, and as soon as we were leaving, they both would put what they got back on the shelf! So we saved a lot of money!!!
Today was also nice and relaxing since my boss won't be in til tomorrow, so we didn't see any patients today. Made for a good quiet Monday!! The most scariest thing happened on my way home from work though. I was at a stop light and a boy on a bicycle was going across the intersection right in front of me and the car to my left did not see him coming and when her turn signal light turned green, she took off and hit the boy on the bike. I screamed and so did the girl in the car to the right b/c we both saw what was happening and couldn't stop it. Luckily, the boy was ok, just shookin up, and went on his way. So, moral of the story....ALWAYS look both ways before you cross the street in the car! Well, gotta go finish supper! Hope you all have a great week and remember Brinley, you have to come before Friday!!! Until next time...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Canada!

Sunday night, Luke and I got an awesome surprise. When Luke was 14, he started going to Canada for a mission trip in the summer. He went for about 12 years, so he sort of grew up with some of the kids in Canada. Well, on Sunday night, we had a knock on the door. I knew whoever it was drove a motorcycle (don't know anyone who has a motorcycle), and when I looked through the peep hole, I had no clue who it was, so I ran and got Luke. He didn't recognize him either from the peep hole until he opened the door and yelled "HEY" and gave him a big hug. now my husband is hugging some random guy who has a bandana on and drives a motorcycle!! Well, it turns out to be Tim, who is one of the kids from Canada who on a whim decided to come here to go to OC with his younger sister. How cool is that!!! So we went out with him until about 11 that night!!! So much fun! Here is a picture of Luke with Tim, his sister on both sides of Luke, and then Luke's sister Abby, and Jennifer also from Colorado!!
Other than that, not a lot to update about...still busy at work! Waiting for our trip to Seattle!!! Well, I'm off to bed, 9:15, bedtime!!!! Until next time...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

God is good!

Today was a great day!!! Luke found out that he got a raise today at work which we have been waiting for. So tonight, we went and celebrated at Red Lobster!! Boy was it good!!! Now we are busy redoing our budget and figuring out how long it will take us now to pay off debt. It's lookin good for the home team!! :)

We also had a fun night last night. We were heathens and went to watch the Redhawks play with the Awtry's! And as you can see from the pic to the right, it was hard to find our seats because the stadium was sooo... packed! The Redhawks did pull through and win. It was a fun game to watch...(a lot better than men's fastpitch softball! hehe) So thanks again to the Awtry's!

Also, this past week, Luke had an encounter with the queen of the killer bees. He told me it was big before he showed me, but I didn't realize it was THAT big. Good honk! I'm glad that he won the battle! Here are a couple pics of Luke and the Queen!

Well, hope ya'll are having a great week! Take care, until next time....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm still here

I know it's been a while, sorry to my loyal readers! Life has been crazy and stressful. A lot has happened since last time I wrote. One big thing....we thought we were going to have an oops! (pregnant). But after a stressful waiting period, we got the results back and were negative. The good thing that came out of it is that we now know we are a little closer to being ready when that time does comes! Life at work has been very busy for both Luke and I. We both have had some late nights this past week. But I would rather be busy at work rather than be sitting there bored having nothing to do.
This weekend has been busy as well. This morning I had a baby shower for Kaison Hobbs and I went straight from there to Yukon for a wedding at 2 which I was the guest book person. I finally got home at 5 and got to relax and swim for a little while. Tomorrow we have Brother's Keepers at our house, so we need to spot clean our house and get all the food ready for that. The good thing is that we don't have that much to clean since we did a lot of that last weekend. And also if you know my husband you would know why it's not that dirty!! :) haha
Luke had a great day today as well. He went over to a friends house early this morning and watched both of the first Bourne movies, and then went to the theater to watch Bourne Ultimatum. It is a really good movie! I would recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. Well, this post is getting long, so I will close. I promise to do better in the future of updating!!! Until next time...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not a lotta

Well, not a lot going on here. Our pool is up and running, so we have been swimming A LOT!! We swam all weekend and got to experience my nephew swim for the first time! There are some pictures in my link of his experience! Little hesitant at first, but by the end he was splashing around and laying on his stomach tryin to swim. Well, not really anything else to report...just same ole working, eating, swimming, and sleeping!! Hope you all have a great week!! Until next time...