Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a week

Well, I haven't really came up with a conclusion, but somehow, some way, I did something wrong and still haven't figured it out. I don't remember breaking any mirrors, walking under a ladder, or opening up an umbrella inside, but apparently I did something to bring bad luck!! I recieved a call this past week from our bank's fraud department asking if we had wired money twice to anybody.! So I went online to check it out while on the phone and somehow someone got into our bank account and wired, not $100 or $200, BUT $6,000 out of our checking account to someone in North Carolina. WHAT????? Awesome! So thankfully I was at my parents house when I got the call visiting them and Autumn was napping, so I went straight to the bank and closed out our account and opened a new one. So this past week I have been busy cancelling our credit card, calling everyone to give them our new information, and putting an alert on credit report. The jerks managed to get into our account through Luke's online account to do this, how you ask? That is a great question!!! Luckily we have not had anything else suspicious come up so hopefully this is the only thing that they did. They were able to stop the 2nd wired transaction before it went out, but unable to do the first transaction. We will definitely get our money back which is a blessing! Hopefully they will find this moron and put his rear in jail!
On a good note....we had a good Halloween! Autumn did great in her costume! We went to a fall festival at my parents church to see everyone and to trunk and treat with the cousins! Here is a peek of Autumn, our lil sweet pea!

Now I'm trying to get everything done around the house and packed up to AGAIN move in with my parents for a few days when I have my surgery this week so they can help me take care of Autumn since I don't know how long recovery time will be. They say I can not heavy lift for 4 weeks, so Autumn better slow down and start stretching out so she won't hit the weight limit mark!!! hehe I love my little chunker! Well, hope you all have a wonderful week! Until next time...