Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching up

Well, I've been stalling on posting until I can put up pics with my post, but I still have no pics so I decided to go ahead and write before it turns into another 2 months. Last weekend we took my brother, sis in-law, and my niece bowling (pics I'm waiting on). We had a lot of fun and it was the most important day in bowling history!! That's right folks...Amy Carnagey FINALLY scored over 100 points WITHOUT bumpers!!! It's ok, I can give you my autograph and some pointers later when you see me! :)
This week has been good as well. We got brand new windows all throughout our house with a new sliding back door. Thanks to Champion windows, the Mullins for the referral, and Uncle Sam/Mr. President for the money!!! I would highly recommend these windows to everyone! Even though our house is torn up and blinds scattered in all different rooms, it is well worth it. I think we might go ahead and paint our other two bedrooms now since everything is already moved away from the walls! So more remodeling in the Carnagey house! Woohooo! OH...quick funny story about installing the 2 yr. old nephew and sister were here with me when they were installing the windows and Finn looked out the window and saw one of the men smoking. He came running into the room and said, "Mommy, Aunt Amy, that man is having a birthday and he is eating it too!" Thinking he was eating a birthday candle, we both busted out laughing! I love little kids' perception on life!
Today we went and did the Mike McDonald Fun Run this morning. Due to my crippledness, Luke and I just did a fast pace 3 mile walk. And good honk it was freezing out there with that wind. I wore shorts thinking that by the time we got started I would warm up. God had a different plan of freezing me and numbing my legs to the point that I couldn't feel them anymore so it seemed bearable. It was good to see Kathy and all of the McDonald kids again!
Well, I think that is all for right now. Hope you all are having a great weekend and will see most of you tomorrow!! Until next time...