Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crime Scene Picture

Here's a look at the "branch" which I call a big tree that came back through the fork of our tree to knock my dad off. It's pretty impressive! This will be our task today to tackle the tree and cut it the rest of the way down, and then tomorrow off to Yukon to be with our lumber jack dad!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Where do I begin?

I know I say life has been busy everytime I have posted it seems, but lately, life has been busy and HECTIC! The busy part was last week, but the hectic part was yesterday! This past weekend we went up to Fairland, OK (farmtown of 600) and celebrated my grandpa's 94th birthday. It was also a family reunion, so it was nice to see all of my cousins as well. My brother got a condo that his work owns out on Grand Lake so all of my family could stay there and had a wonderful time! The trees were turned every color which made an awesome background for pictures, so I ended up taking over 400 pictures! You can see some of them in the link to the right!
Then yesterday happened....
My dad had come by my work on Wed. to ask if he could come over to my house on Thur. and cut down the two trees that we have been meaning to do for a while. I agreed and told him I would check on him at lunch. Well, right before I left for lunch the girls said that he called and I need to call him back. He told me to not leave that he was almost there. When he pulled up he smiled and asked if I could follow him to the dr. office down the street to have his ankle x-rayed. WHAT?? He said he was on the last big branch on the first tree and when it fell, it sprung back up and hit him off balance where he fell 8-10 feet and landed on his ankle. Later he told me that when he sat up, his ankle was off to the side, but popped right back into place so he thought it was ok to hop on one foot and drive to my work. Crazy man. Well, when we got to the dr. office, he didn't realize that you couldn't just walk in to get an x-ray, so we had to go to the ER. So I made him scoot over and drove him to Edmond Hospital. While we were waiting to go back, he suddenly started to get hot and light headed. I went to ask a nurse for a wet wash cloth, and when I came back he told me, "I'm going down." I started to yell for a nurse to help, and by the time the nurse came out to the waiting room, he passed out. Luckily I had put him in a wheel chair to begin with. I wouldn't have been so scared until he started to make weird moans and noises and then started what seemed like to me, convulsing. I was yelling Daddy the entire time trying to get him to wake up. I knew in my mind he was having a stroke or something. Another nurse came out to help b/c we couldn't get his legs up in the wheel chair to take him back. He finally came to when we were wheeling him into the room. They said he was ok, it was just due to him being in shock. Also, it was miraculous that his ankle ended up not being broken. The dr. said he would have bet his whole pay check on it that it was broken, there was no way it couldn't be by the look of it! I should have took him up on that! They said it was a sprain and he probably tore most of the tendons/ligaments in his ankle. So he is now on crutches for a couple weeks. Here is a look at his ankle that I took a picture of last night!
Well, I hope your week is going a little bit better than mine!!! Next week, hopefully it will be stressfree and calm!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Until next time...