Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Funny question of the month...

Last night I went on a Father/Daughter date with my dad since I had to go to Yukon to vote, we ended up going out to eat after to the Rib Crib. Our waitress was a giddy nosey teenager who kept coming over to our table and saying, "You guys are laughing again...what are you talking about?" Which our response was an awkward look at each other and a polite "Nothing", because number 1 it's none of your business and 2nd we didn't want to offend her with what we were talking about!! Well, at the end of the meal, again, she came up and said, "You guys are so cute. How long have you been...(I'm praying inside at this point she won't end the question with the word married) father and daughter?" WHAT???? Did she seriously just ask us how long we have been father and daughter? Again...the awkward look at each other and then my dad's classic response of, "Well.......uhhh....since the day she was born!!" haha Gotta love those stupid questions!!!

Until next time...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lots of catching up to new look!

Well, I thought I was going to be on a roll there for a second last month, but that came to an abrupt halt!!! Well, even though it was over a month ago, we did have a good time on our vacation! Here are a few pics...

A pic of where we sat at the Broncos game!

The stealth bomber that flew over before the game!

A nice close up picture of Cutler and the guys!

Me and Todd Helton at the Rockies game!
Coors Field

The weekend of Luke's 30th birthday in October, we went on a trip to Kansas City, MO for a banquet in honor of one of Luke's father figures who won the "National Childcare Worker of the Year Award" for all Christian Childcare Organizations. Randy is the director of Mountain States Children's Home where Luke grew up at. It was a fun time because all his kids flew in to surprise him at the banquet, so that meant we had to hide from him for a whole day. That was pretty hard when you are staying in the same hotel! At one point, Abby (his daughter) and I were stuck in the hotel gift store while Luke was stuck in the stairwell of the parking garage because Randy came down from his room quicker than we thought!
We had a good Halloween going to a couple of parties! We first went to our class party and then on to Yukon, to see my nephew and spend a little time with my family. My sister was begging me to come because my nephew had been going on and on this past week about seeing "the whoopie cushion". And yes, that is what I was for Halloween! We didn't take any pictures of ourselves, but I was a whoopie cushion and Luke went as Marty McFly (from Back to the Future) Here is a pic of what my costume looked like!

Well, that about sums up the last couple of months for us! Luke is absolutly loving his new job with Cox as an engineer and I am staying busy with my work! Life is going to start getting a little crazier the closer we get to the holidays, but I will try to stay updated as much as I can! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Until next time...