Monday, July 4, 2011

HGTV Carnagey Version

Today, my wonderful husband spent most of the day in the scorching heat creating this landscape masterpiece!!!

I wish I would have taken a before picture so you could have seen the "white trash" version of it before! Just picture, the right half rocks, the middle was a black tarp and the left side was mulch. Did you picture that hideous eye sore??? Oh, and add weeds in the mix to finish you off! Yeah, I apologize to my neighbors who have looked at it for the past year. The rock was leftover from when we had our pool, but when we sold it, we were stuck with lots of rock and nowhere to put it. So we decided to purchase more and made a rockbed instead of a flowerbed. With the leftover mulch, we combined it with our other flowerbed and added these pretty plants...
So there you have it!!! My sweet husband spent the 4th slaving away in the heat instead of relaxing in a pool, having a cookout, and relaxing on his day off! I'm so blessed!!!

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