Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Last night we went to my parents to celebrate my nephew Leif's 2nd birthday and early 4th of July cookout and kiddie pool party! The most exciting thing was that the birthday boy was actually there for his own party!! He didn't make it to his 1st birthday party due to pink eye, but the rest of us partied without him!!
The kids partied all night with these awesome glasses!!

The birthday boy!!
All the kiddos, and if you look closely, even baby Jude got in on the fun!!
Autumn likes to be a "helper" and feed others when it comes to other people eating around her! Looks like Aunt Carrie became the victim this time around!!

Now that this holiday has come and gone, I realize that Autumn's 2nd birthday is around the corner (sniff, sniff). She is becoming more and more of a big girl and less baby. My how time flies!! I'm going to go and stick toothpicks in my eyelids now, so that I won't blink and she'll be off to school!

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